Our Mission - "The Big Three"

CF Educational Solutions was formed to address major education problems.  We chose 3 big ones to drive our decisions.  Each impacts the other.  Our three big issues are Literacy, Numeracy, and School district quality.


According to the Institute for Education Sciences, 23% of Americans are functionally illiterate.  Nearly one in four Americans can’t use written material to inform themselves, make decisions, or consider alternatives.  This impacts individuals, businesses, and society in general.  Increasing literacy is a moral imperative with an economic value. 

Our research has shown MindPlay to be the premier technology to dramatically improve literacy rates.  It works for youth and adults.  It guarantees 95% of the population can learn to read. 


The National Center for Education Statistics estimates 55% of Americans are innumerate, the math equivalent of being illiterate.  Sadly, many people who would be embarrassed to be considered illiterate are proud to be innumerate.  “I’m a people person, not a numbers person!” is too oft heard in learned gatherings.  The stats indicate more than ½ of Americans can’t calculate sales values, split restaurant bills, or understand basic statistics.  Some suggest this inability to understand math leads to misunderstandings about risk, politics, financial planning, and more.

Ascend Math has a strong track record of converting innumeracy into a love of math.  Dramatic improvements in math competency including improved state assessment results occur regularly for students using this technology.

School district quality

Many factors influence student success, but one of the most powerful one is a well-run school districts supporting quality schools.  McRel research, School District Leadership that Works…, found school district leadership quality had significant impact on student success.  The meta-analysis found very strong correlations between improved district leadership and improved student performance.  Further they identified keys to this impact including 1) collaborative goal setting, 2) non-negotiable goals for achievement, 3) board alignment and support of district goals, 4) monitoring goals for achievement, 5) use of resources to support achievement, 6) superintendent tenure, and 7) school level “defined autonomy”.  

All these factors are consistent with continuous improvement and innovation science.  The premier continuous improvement-based system is the Baldrige Excellence Framework.  We bring over 30 years of Baldrige and continuous improvement experience to districts looking to make dramatic systemic improvements.  Our approach isn’t about specific reforms.  Our approach builds district capacity to make informed reform choices, create quality deployment strategies, and students success the focus.

We also bring top quality assessment and data analytics capacity in Pivot.  Also, a killer professional development system, Pyxis.  Finally, a new approach to education called MyWays (NGLC).

Robert Sommers