Future ready graduates


What learners need

Post-graduate opportunities for students must define our daily work.


Schools are the place students prepare themselves for a life of well-being.  The knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for life must drive our educational efforts.  Academics are necessary, but not sufficient to assure life success. For too long, graduation and academic course taking has defined our work.

Being future ready means students have the content knowledge, the habits of success, the creative know how, and the way-finding abilities to successfully navigate life (NGLC MyWays).  This broader definition of what it means to be future ready must redefine the content taught and the educational experiences provided students.

Our work will help school boards and school leaders to clearly define a more robust student educational experience which, in turn, will result in a more robust “future ready” graduate.   We partner with leaders in this work and we have practical experiences with creating aligned educational experiences.

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Young people are growing up in what Thomas Friedman calls an age of accelerations in which technological change is outpacing human adaptability.”

- NGLC MyWays



Assuring students have the skills needed to succeed.

Academics are necessary, but no longer sufficient for life success.  Students seeking post-graduate opportunities must have broader, deeper learning expectations.  School boards and school leaders are uniquely positioned to assure students are “future ready”.



NGLC MyWays is a breakthrough approach to defining educational expectations. It is driven by 4 key questions:

- What are the real-world conditions that our students will need to address?
- What does success look like for students in a world of accelerating change?
- How can our learning experience design help students develop the broader, deeper competencies
- How do we gauge student progress in developing these competencies?

We partner with the NGLC team to put their breakthrough concepts into action within high quality school systems.


Board Governance

Governance matters. It sets the direction, expectations, values, and focus of the organization. Governance involves representing and communicating with the community, looking into the future and assuring students are prepared for that future, and holding the school accountable for student success, quality systems, and ethical behavior. Boards, unfortunately, are often mired in compliance, legal requirements, and “fire-fighting”.

Our work will empower boards to be true governance boards while managing the inevitable daily challenges. We bring Carver Policy Governance© expertise to bear on board challenges.


Talent search and development

Talent matters. Acquiring and retaining talent requires great leadership. Our team focuses on helping boards find and retain top leadership, especially superintendents. Our unique approach to the superintendent search process involves preparing the board, finding talent based on board aspirations, and supporting board-superintendent engagement.

We also have a growing cadre of talent that we have partnered in cultivating. Resumes and interviews fall short of providing a complete picture of each candidate’s talents, successes, and commitment. When we bring qualified candidates to boards, we know them!

Solutions Delivered

Our partners are committed to quality implementation

The delivery and support of our solutions are critical to their long term success.  We partner with best in class people and programs to ensure quality implementation.


Boards on Course

Provides boards of education with the knowledge and skills to be exceptional governance boards.  Governance boards are key to long term student success.

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Robert Farrel

Robert (Bob) is a successful superintendent with significant leadership experience.  He has successfully turned around large school districts both academically and financially.  Bob is well known in his profession and is a connector.

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Adrienne James

Adrienne is a successful superintendent in a high performing suburban school district.  Here lifelong commitment to education and her focus on leadership development make her an “in demand” leader.



Mary Ronan

As superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, Mary’s leadership led the district to be the highest performing urban school in Ohio.  Her community engagement skills were instrumental in creating significant partnerships and collaborative efforts on behalf of students.

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