Parent & Business ENgagement


Connecting with life

Engagement between students, parents, and business will multiply opportunities.


Student success is best defined in terms of long-term life well-being.  But what does the future hold for our students. Will our education equip them for the future?  We must be constantly focused on this question as we determine educational experiences. One way to help assure better answers to this question is to engage the full community, especially parents and business, in our planning and our work.

Being thoughtfully connected to parents and business will also assure we maximize the opportunities students have to learn successfully.  Internships, home support, and much more are possible when we are connected.

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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

- Henry Ford



Parents, business, and educators together can transform student results

Engaging parents in the quest for student success is logical.  They are each student’s first and most available educator. If parents and educators are aligned in their vision of what is possible for their child, we can make tremendous progress.  Further, parents have a profoundly powerful voice in the political world within which education occurs.

Business understands their workforce needs.  Nearly all students will eventually have to engage in productive work to earn a living.  Having financial stability is a critical part of living a life of well being (purpose, financial, community, social, and health, Gallup).  If educators have a clear sense of those workforce needs, they can create productive educational experiences. Preparing students to be economically productive is not the sole purpose of education, but it is an important one.  Business also holds sway on state and federal education policy.



Educational system success begins with a community vision of what is possible. Parents and business leaders must believe all students can learn, be committed to a complete educational experience, and be prepared to support educators and to hold them accountable for results. Vision is the start of this support and accountability responsibility. Parents and business are well positioned to encourage students to greater success.



Education is one of the most regulated enterprises in America. Hundreds of laws dictate nearly every aspect of the education process. All of these laws and regulations were meant to improve student success, but most only detract from educator focus on students. Educators need a dramatic reduction in compliance requirements and a greater sense of vision for what success looks like. Parents and business can help bring about deregulation of education. There voices are critical to the deregulation efforts.

We work with various groups to encourage deregulation and we are uniquely positioned to carry the deregulation message for educators and districts. We seek partners interested in solving this challenge.


Aligned Partnerships

Economic development leaders, Chambers of Commerce, Community action organizations, and business leaders are hungry for solutions to poverty, worker shortages, entrepreneurship expansion, and economic prosperity. Educators are seeking partnerships to enhance their educational experiences. Student seek opportunities to find their passion. Aligning these interests will result in improved student success.

Our experience in working with economic development, business, and education leaders can help jumpstart aligned partnerships for schools. Call us to discuss your partnering hopes and challenges. We’re here to serve!

Solutions Delivered

Our partners are committed to quality implementation

The delivery and support of our solutions are critical to their long term success.  We partner with best in class people and programs to ensure quality implementation.


A Wired Family

Impacts parents, community members, faculty, staff, and students with his insights into the darker side of digital technology.  His hard-hitting presentations bring home the opportunity and challenges of our modern age.  He shares how to avoid the pitfalls of bullying and more.  A must for every parent and student.

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Mary Ronan

As superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, Mary’s leadership led the district to be the highest performing urban school in Ohio.  Her community engagement skills were instrumental in creating significant partnerships and collaborative efforts on behalf of students.


Andrea Brady

Andrea brings school board and public relations experience together to guide school districts through the complex process of community engagement and marketing.  She is an experienced practitioner with a practical approach to issues.

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