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Both – And ThinkinG

Technology enhances human capacity


Should we use teachers and staff to educate students or should we use technology (software and hardware) to teach them?  This question embodies either-or thinking. Both-and thinking asks a different question. How do I enhance and extend the power of our teachers and staff to achieve greater student success?  This is the answer we want to help educators answer.

Our technology solutions are specifically selected to improve educator success and to empower them to be more productive as they develop student talent.  We help educators assure students can read, use mathematics, understand science processes, and much more.

We also help educators know more about their students’ knowledge, so they can target learning experiences.  All while improving the professional life of educators who want to spend more time working with students and less time with paperwork.

Our technology integration systems help educators get better results and free time for educators to really engage students in genuinely enjoyable educational experiences.  Our solutions elevate educator professional roles.

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Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before—if we will allow it."

- Jenny Arledge



Adaptive and impactful programs focused on performance results.

Think “both / and” not “either / or” - By arming our educators with the technology available we can amplify our impact, reach and understanding of students skills.



Students being able to read is fundamental to all further learning. Nationwide, the percentage of students who can’t read at grade level is astonishing. Our literacy solutions can solve this problem. MindPlay guarantees results in reading and it works for elementary through adult learners!

Educators don’t have to face the challenge of teaching reading alone. Our solutions provide real results and allow educators to put newly found student reading prowess to work on exciting learning experiences.



Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Critical knowledge and skills in a future full of technology and complexity. SmartScience brings hundreds of real-life experiments to every student and educator regardless of facilities or funding. Ascend Math is an award-winning program that teaches mathematics. Nearly 50% of Americans are considered innumerate. Our solutions can help educators solve this problem.



How do we know if our students have really learned what they are expected to know. Assessment has been the answer since the beginning of time. But today, thanks to sophisticated systems like Pivot, we can know more about what students have learned than ever before. We can accomplish this level of sophistication while reducing educator time spent on writing and grading assessments.

Let us transform your assessment strategies to enhance educator effectiveness, improve student engagement, and free up time to really build relationships with students.

Solutions Delivered

Our partners are committed to quality implementation

The delivery and support of our solutions are critical to their long term success.  We partner with best in class people and programs to ensure quality implementation.


Forward Edge

Technology is prevalent in every aspect of life.  Education is no exception.  Complex systems can enhance the reach and effectiveness of great educators.  Forward Edge makes sure districts have the technology infrastructure and mindset necessary to take advantage of these innovations.

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